Plenty of Castles in Space groove pencilled for inclusion in these pages over the weekend, a new set – in fact a debuting full length – from Correlations is currently doing adorable damage on the hi-fi. According to the label sandwiched between that, a new set of grooves from Concretism and a three tracker from Julian Cope – I’ll just say that again in big letters – JULIAN COPE – by all account a killer thing and primed to get the eye catching coloured wax treatment and beautified art work – a tri fold packaging or something similarly tasty sounding – there’ll be something quite alluring from Kl(aus) who as it happens have just made available a sound cloud featuring – in their words – a short five track set from our desk recordings’. In short a 25-minute journey into inner space and kosmiche wooziness, and quite a beautifully mellowing thing it is to, tripped in dream drifting cosmic ambience and turned in a telling old school silver age vintage which through starry eyes views the future with hope hued ambition rather than comic book imagination. Alas no track listing from what we can surmise or find with which to navigate you through this seamless journey, initial embarking moments come graced in the kind of swirling celestial flotillas that suggest a cosmic tryst engaged upon between Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream which through fluid skin peeling ease shimmer and dissipate into moments of ghostly and unworldly transience of the type that once upon a time in the late 70’s engaged the grooves of critically cool outings by Jean Michel Jarre and La Dusseldorf. Piloting through the oceanic sprays and hybrid techno curvatures some expansively spacey future wave progian head tripping ambience manifests a la magic mushroom band and the head shrooming ear gear happening out of Delirium in the early 90’s which in the blink of an eye slipstreams sumptuously into 80’s styled sci-fi soundtrack kitsch. For us personally the best moments are held back for the last 5 minute, intricate, mellow and traced in a subtle Oriental phrasing, it’s here that kl(aus) really open and get loose to craft a hypno grooved neo classical tapestry tempted in jazz dialects and smoking cool sophistication, admirers of Bureau B are advised to seek out at your earliest convenience.  https://soundcloud.com/only1klaus/the-dark-outside-and-all-around-us  

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