the most

Just to confuse matters a little, sampler #39 (we briefly eyed #40 earlier) from the Active Listener features a dandy cut from the Most entitled ‘gatecrashers’ which had us thinking momentarily trying to pick out the facts from the fuzz of our memory, was there not a band in the early 90’s called the Most – hailing I think from Australia way who had a nifty little 7 inch out on one of those hipster imprints Summershine / bus stop around the time, a copy of which right this minute I frustratingly can’t lay my hands on. Anyway probably not the same dudes, though this cut is pretty groovy wearing its irrefutable adoration for Love clearly on its sleeve whilst with the added tang of some Monkees-esque playfulness manages to shape up to reveal a keenly astute knack for the kicking out of vintage vibed shimmer-toned radio friendly garage beat groove. Of course both volumes of these Active Listener samplers will be getting full attention before the weekend disappears. Honest.


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