everest magma

Apologies time, well there’s been none for a while and they are all beginning to queue up in a most distressing way, however we feel a small debt is owed to Boring Machines who a little while back sent along two killer releases which upon arrival scattered themselves into hiding. So while we try to root out, the still errant press releases for full review later in the week, here’s something of a sampler tasting of what you can expect. Now admittedly we’re not altogether sure whether ‘dres dued del’ actually appears on the forthcoming ‘Gnosis’ set from Everest Magma – but it’s certainly worth an ear. An oddly chilling sore thumb and by chilling we mean sparse and strangely mutated given that it intricately weaves elements of industrial dub, displaced ethnic rhythms, motorik patterns and hybrid techno motifs into a hulking psychotronic mosaic whose dream machine hypnosis effects are akin to having your brain put on a tumble cycle in the washing machine, something which should you be clawing for reference markers, might be best viewed upon as darkening variant of Automat’s techno kraut, whilst admirers of Gnod’s slightly more out there extra curricula activities might be equally wowed. In addition, you might want to seek out the sets title track ‘gnosis’ which unless our ears do deceive appears for the initial part to come from the dark side of a ‘metal box’ era PIL as it mooches ominously in the shadows before getting a tad jiggy and busy towards the end credits to cook up something very much hinting at old school early 70’s styled progressive head expanding Sky / Brain groove. https://soundcloud.com/boringmachines/everest-magma-dres-dued-del and https://occulto.bandcamp.com/track/everest-magma-gnosis

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