occulto sampler

Staying with Boring Machines a little while longer, head honcho Onga also curates the Occulto magazine who it seems have been issuing forth some well-heeled compilations / samplers of their own of late, the latest of which #4 will be getting a more detailed listen in the coming days though not before we’ve had a chance to cherry pick two cuts by way of a starter. Happily eyeing Babau, who if memory serves me right, last appeared in these pages courtesy of a killer release via Artetetra records (who if we remember to – will be getting featured in their own right later today). Anyhow ‘palo majombe’ is a superbly wigged out seven and a half-minute head trip into old school progressive kosmiche, a full on panoramic fringe parter tailored in dream drifting smoking cool soft psych noir ambient curvatures which on first visitations appear to channel the spirit of Neu! and Tangerine Dream yet dive deeper intricately layering the kind of tripped out bliss kissed jazz tutored tapestries more associated with Embryo. Fusing cold wave minimalism with flea market sourced analogue synths, Maria Violenza’s ‘by nancy’ ought to appeal to those polytechnic youth-ers among you, possessed of the dead headed charm of XMal Deutschland and the edgy negativity of Pink Military / Industry, this scabbing slice of sonic sore thumb veers into the realms of a youthful Some Bizarre / Mute catalogue albeit as though found trying to rewire a shadowy lined variant of White Noise’s ‘an electric storm’.  https://occulto.bandcamp.com/album/occulto-compilation-4

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