jean-philippe collard-neven

We must admit to adoring our fix of flau visitations, as is often the case, refined, elegant and timeless, they hint of an age lost to memory, away from the maddening chatter and clamour of 24-hour commercialism and consumerism, they snugly sit shy eyed and hidden from the hysteria of life. Their latest peek above their reclusive hidey hole, a set from Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven entitled ‘between the lines’ which alas we’re left with letting the music do the talking given we’ve lost sight of the label posting no doubt impeccably detailed in all manner of information and happenings. The music though, oh can it speak for itself – indeed it can – sweeping and arcing between elegiac solitude and cantering animation, the nods to Satie and to a lesser extent Sakamoto are irrefutable, yet it’s the spectrum of mood these brief extracts touch and evoke, blending measured poise and regal beauty with spring fragrant floral posies, a more perfect accompanying piece for the finding of a moment of lights lowered quietness you couldn’t wish for.

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