the luck of eden hall

Been a while, in fact too long by our reckoning or likening, that the Luck of Eden Hall visited upon our sound player. A new single ‘the end of the lane’ is due to emerge on the esteemed mega dodo imprint while pencilled in for June celebrations a new double platter full length ‘the acceleration of time’ is due to land. Available in many variants, the obvious eye catching treats for collectors and fans alike being the coloured wax gatefold and the dogs doodah’s’ ultra-limited pop up CD – both sure to be the cause of purchase frenzy when they eventually appear. For now, the band has unveiled a little taster of what’s to come in the shape of ‘slow’ and posting of the entire C side of the set, the former opening to the ticking turn of a cosy toed vintage carriage clock, giving it the warming Victoriana glow of HG Wells’ ‘time machine’ wherein without warning everything fractures and melts in an instant and before you know it you’re swiftly swirling down the hallucinogenic rabbit hole upon a technicolour magic carpet gliding fast and ever deeper into the mind’s eye, the images and sounds merging to one, evaporating, reforming and dissipating amid the tangy sugar burst of kaleidoscopic sprays and fuzzy flotillas of trip-a-delic bliss bathed bubbles. Annoyingly we’ve lost the original posting by Mr Curvey commenting on the sidelong nugget that swoons the grooves of side C – a 19-minute head expander which dare we say finds the Eden Hall-ers skirting into classic era Electric Light Orchestra territories, a four cut odyssey that incorporates tracks 9-12 and includes the Floyd-esque freak beat growler ‘happiness vending machine’ which we first encountered way back in the midst of 2014 (see ). Somewhere else ‘only robots can search the ocean floor’ catches the band mellowed in thoughtful lovelorn affection, beautified, enigmatic and sheened in the ethereal as it blossoms into lush progian dream weaved. Frantic, frazzled and fried ‘another high speed blow out’ mainlines into old school Porcupine Tree worlds while ‘twelve’ is pure XTC psych alt heads the dukes of stratosphear  Phew!

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