I’m sure we’ve an email somewhere from those dudes over at Cardinal Fuzz filled with all manner of download codes for their latest batch of full lengths, which disappointingly on our side we haven’t had the chance to hear just quite yet. However, we did stumble over this little head shroomer. Culled from the latest – their second I believe – full length ‘sun’ – this is Dreamtime who hail from Brisbane and a cut called ‘centre of the mind’ the accompanying press release makes mention of the adopting of eastern ragas and Tibetan styled mantras to their formidable hallucinogenic colouring box, and indeed that is the case on this head expanding melodic mystic whose bliss kissed hazes and astral highs craft out a delightfully tripping mosaic, however dig a little deeper in to the third eye tweaking trimmings and the ghost of the Doors comes drifting out of the smoky narcosia upon magic carpets piloted by BJM.

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