masturbatory dysfunction

Guess it’s as good a time to roll out something and er – brutal – because let’s face it, it’s been a few days since we dared to feature anything approaching sonic terrorism. So pull up close, turn the volume down a touch and prepare to be sand blasted out of your listening cosyness by Masturbatory Dysfunction – indeed a prize-less slap on the back for spotting why exactly we mention this. Anyhow this is ‘unsolved nylon brutality’ – 4 minutes of ear frazzling caustic assault which by our reckoning makes Tayside mental health, kylie minoise and sissy spacek sound like pussycats when it comes to frying your headspace in all manner of trepanning tyranny, guaranteed to clear out unwanted visitors in an instant whilst proving to be a hotly topical cause for discussion over the garden fence with your beleaguered neighbours.    

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