virginia wing

Blending their want for the crafting of the ethereal, the strange and the alluring, Virginia Wing emerge from quiet isolation following love and acclaim poured upon their debuting full length set ‘measures of joy’ with a new cut entitled ‘rhonda’. A slow burner it’s safe to say and a brave choice for a single given it adopts and accentuates the bands flair for experimentation with this very much tapping into the same would be flirting and fusing of pop with classical strains as those keenly appreciated to courtesy of early catalogue releases via ZTT most notably in fact that of Propaganda. A beautiful visitation that fractures into two movements, the initial part graced in unworldly hymnal mantras all etched in the kind of head bowed atmospherics that one time allured releases by Dead Can Dance. Then without warning the pace shifts to mutate into the glacial cosmica of grimes and fever ray all the time teased and trimmed with deft airiness from ghost like Balearic mirages vaporised in the fading afterglow of KLF’s original ‘last train to trancentral’ courted by spectral celestials. Quite enchanting if you ask me. Available via fire shortly.


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