murmurs of irma

Yes, yes, yes I know I’ve been promising for ages to do a bit of inbox spring cleaning, not least in an attempt to catch up with these Active Listener samplers – last count they’d slipped at least four beneath our radar while our heads were turned – however we must make mention of their last. ‘the great british psychedelic trip revisited’ – might well be their best in a fair old while, a gathering of talents – most known while others previously unknown to us providing surprise ear popping gems in waiting – among the roll call Rob Clarke and the Wooltones, Adam Leonard, topos locos and the ilk, however most interesting for us, the appearance of a cut from the murmurs of Irma. Now regular observers of these pages will be all too aware that for as long as we’ve been doing these missives we’ve long banged on about these dudes, two singles came our way back in the 90’s that literally blew us away and stayed with us since, we later heard of an album which in vein we tried to track down and then that was it. Gone. Or are they, for ‘Vacuum cleaner’ featured here, initially appeared on the flip side of one of those aforementioned singles, ‘coloured ice’ in fact, a fuzzily fried slice of classically honed beatnik groove swirled in all manner of kaleidoscopic wooziness which in its day would have sat neatly next to your all-important Bevis Frond finds and which once crackled into stylus action blossoms to a tangy head shrooming multi coloured lysergic burst revealing an acutely tuned nod to the mind fracturing psych blues  freakiness of the Pretty Things.

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3 Responses to murmurs of irma

  1. Tony Laming says:

    The Irmas are long gone, I can confirm…

  2. Andy Wandmore says:

    Sadly this is true. Like the Dodo…

  3. andy wandmore says:

    I have an Cloudwatch HQ album for you, no cost. Do you want me to send it to your contact address. Thanks for the kind words and support. Best regards

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