musical interlude -things we’ve missed 1 – pleasure symbols

Musical interlude – things we’ve missed 1 – pleasure symbols

Now I’m hoping this lot have made a shed load from this and are now living the high life of the pop aristocracy because by the looks of things – by way of a quick peak at their band camp page – they appear to have gone into semi-retirement with this being something of a quick hello / goodbye. This is Jasmine and Phoebe, who operate under the moniker the Pleasure Symbols who it’s safe to say evoke instant recalls of so many bands from recent and lost memory that quite frankly we could cobble up a rather wordy eye popping a-z list. That’s not to say that these dudettes are plagiarists, far from it, it’s more a case of the multi-faceted sonic spectrums that they touch upon as they absorb and re-thread elements of post punk cold wave / 4AD styled frosted sophistication and dark wave analogue retro-ism.  Part of the synth / vapour wave set, ‘ultraviolence’ arrives cooled in a noir framed glacial grandeur that skirts with adept accuracy to align itself with the kind of grooves emanating from the New York based Weird imprint, amid it’s minimalist murmurs looped visions of future apparitions pierce through the ethereal veil, it’s stilled majesty and Gothique gracefulness coalesced into a dead eyed ice framed eerie enchantment that’s both coolly alluring and mesmeric.

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