Only brief samples I’m afraid but more than enough revealing of what melodic magic lies in wait within, pastoral posies dizzily daydreamed in flighty flotillas of sunny spun mirages ghosted in the reflective sigh of faded memories of lost summers, the sounds murmured and sweetly hazelled in wood carved weaves yearn and snooze with an idyllic lazy eyed wistfulness to evoke a lushly bright and vividly colourful landscape of quaint village green hideaways, the artistry delicate, demurred and dinked in the willowy ways of the old enchants as much as it beguiles with its reference points reclined and resting somewhere between the prettified breezy lilts of Junkboy , the shadowy ghost lights of beatglider and the slipstreaming visitations of soft hearted scientists. This folks, is the debuting full length by Jon Brooks of the Advisory Circle and Tim Felton of Seeland / Broadcast, here operating under the guise of Hintermass, the set entitled ‘the apple tree’ is available via the ever adored ghost box. https://soundcloud.com/ghost-box/sets/the-apple-tree

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