ariel pink and puro instinct vs. rexy

Twee before twee was ever a musical weekly inkie insult, Rexy’s ‘running out of time’ slipped out through alien records in 1981, an album that garnered play listing across Europe yet floundered in the UK, its kitsch bossanova minimalism and left field lounge motifs kissed in spectral woozy funk sophistication run with echoes of yello, its playfulness and strangely out of step, time and fashion hints of the kookiness of the flying lizards. The album long out of print and by all accounts a firm favourite of the likes of Ariel Pink and MGMT finally appears after nearly four decades via the newly formed Lucky Number / Uru collaboration – the latter an imprint set up by Samantha Urbani. A strangely becoming set that defies easy categorization, sometimes easily viewed as a more smoky and sultry variant of Grace Jones while at others sure to appeal to admirers of Gary Wilson with that is the occasional curve ball thrown in for good measure with the title track drawing loose ancestral dots all the way to Stereolab as though copying from a Virna Lindt songbook. However, by our reckoning its ‘nervoso’ that ought to catch the passing ear, a strange fusion of ‘the hustle’ and various 70’s mirror ball mirages and afro-beat groovings teased in lysergic dream weaved shimmers tweaked in Lemon Jelly mosaics and ghosted in hulking music hall organ recital. And why we mention all this you might well wonder, well aside its long overdue release, there’s been a recent posting of an Ariel Pink cover of ‘in the force’ – which finds him in cahoots with Puro Instinct cobbling out what is an adorably and niftily faithful and playfully affectionate revamp of the original cut even down to its tongue in cheek cheesiness and old school analogue electronic sound.

Those previously unaware of Rexy – draw up a tad for these gems……

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