the lucid dream

Sorry getting a little lazy, not quite had a chance to rifle through the bulging sack of emails hogging our inbox, but I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty that laying claim to our hi-fi sound player right this minute is an unbecoming squabble for affection raging between a new killer thing from rhododendron via deep distance – I believe – more on that one later – and this – new head expanding groove from lucid dream. The first fruits from sessions for their third full length, pressed up on a limited number of wax artefacts in 12-inch form – 300 to be precise – through holy are you – this is ‘bad texan’ – a shade adorned swirling kaleidoscopic rabbit hole of a cut purred in kosmiche pulsars and solar drenched cosmic orbitals all wired upon a strutting cool as cute pout that lysergically lilts with an ear worming pop immediacy to sound like a prime time Slipstream types cocooned in some hazily glazed hypno grooved Sonic Boom dream machine.

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