martin newell’s oddcast #2

The perfectly named Martin Newell’s OddCast is just that, a gathering of the eccentric, the eclectic and the plain daft and strange, really is an enjoyably jumbled array of rare finds and seldom heard sounds shoehorned into a delightfully obscure forty-minute sitting, I mean where on earth else would you joyously happen across a surreal soap opera set in a farm shop – kind of the joining of the ends of Rawlinson and Futtocks – with some kooky light music from the vaults courtesy of Arthur prior with ‘the whistler and his dog’ – very bracing oompah Ealing Studio Englishness. Anyway the show as said, is curated and hosted by Cleaners from Venus man Martin Newall and comes seasoned in grooves from the likes of the much loved around here anyway Of Arrowe Hill who on this appearance appear sunnily 60’s beat pop pastoral tweaked, shall we say Tomorrow-esque, oh go on then, tomorrow-esque. Elsewhere there’s something teasingly tasty from Lorraine bowen and jake thackray both of whom I must admit previous to this we were blissfully unaware of – the latter of course one for the Stanshall set methinks –  look just tune in and treat your earlobes.


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