ritual howls

Staying with felte a little while longer, another cut well worth the time investigating is the brooding 9 minute ‘going upstate’ from Michigan based trio Ritual Howls who describe themselves or at least describe the sounds they make as ‘industrial rock cinematic country goth’ which in truth is a pretty good call because this impending storm cloud comes groomed in the kind of wide screen grizzled expectant tension that finds it tucked away at the blind side of godspeed whilst setting up a beleaguered watch post situated somewhere between the fields of the Nephilim and the grails with both pouring over the musical survey maps of explosions in the sky, the landscape arid dry, scarred and ravaged by the unforgiving ferocity of sun burning skies is hazily glazed by snake winding sonic mistrals whose choking epitaph hints of distant Eastern spectrals ushered upon deathly storm gathering trade winds the type of which that ought to concentrate and seduce the earlobes of admirers of John 3:16. http://ritualhowls.bandcamp.com/track/going-upstate

Going Upstate cover art

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