edward penfold

One of the finest albums we’ve been happy to trip over in the last few days is a full length being put out via Stolen Body records by Edward Penfold. Going by the name ‘caulkhead’ –  it’s a peculiar off beat classic in waiting, stumbling uncertain into the bright lights, it crookedly navigates to a song craft vintage that blends homespun reflective rustic after glows, pastoral pretties and pure pristinely distilled English psychedelia. Lead single ‘if you like’ wobbles and weaves uncertain of its footing, almost lazily gorged upon a day dreaming head in the clouds obliviousness, scratchy and bent out of shape not to mention scuffed and dusted in the dirt of a wonkily fractured and frayed blues vibe, it devilishly sighs, snoozes and wheezes with the familiar lacklustre lilt of a solo era Syd Barrett and with that by our reckoning well worth the time investigating. https://soundcloud.com/stolenbodyrecords/7-if-you-like-24-bit/s-ZBaYO


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