shonen knife

What is there not to love about Shonen Knife, I mean they nail that whole three-minute buzz grooved bubble gum beat pop like they were the offspring of an illicit one-night sonic stand between the Ramones and the Shangri La’s, crafting out slinky salvos that strut, swagger and swoon with an acutely cute affectionate purr whose tangy citrusy twists are fused of 50’s teen beat, unfailing Spector-esque ear tugging immediacy, power popping throbs and a glam gouged pout – in all honesty irresistible. A new album ‘adventure’ is imminent via damnably with ‘jump into the new world’ being sent on ahead to seduce and snare your lobes, all at once fizzy, flirty and flighty, this honey comes sliding down along the sunny side of effervescent rainbows to radiate and reverberate with sparkly and spangly feel good vibes so full on and bracing you might wanna have a lie down after its visitation.

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