Another of those curious bandcamp finds that we enjoy tripping over. This lot hail from Brazil, are called krokodil and this is the rather wired and freakish ‘principios do autoconhecimento obstriudo’ which I bet is really rude translated in to English. Anyhow this sore thumb caught our mainly for the fact that it’s so all over the shop and fractured, what first sounds an amphibious love in between Volcano the Bear and This Heat soon manages to lose the former and then the latter for ‘Aion’ rapidly sheds its skin to reveal the kind of acutely sharp grind gouged groove that happily draws the invisible dots existing between the Fire Engines, the Sinatras and the much loved Leeds based imprints Gringo and Brew – see hey colossus, I concur. Over on the flip, a real sore thumb awaits with the emergence of ‘jeapeysaka’ – a kind of stoner freaked no wave jazz spiked bad boy that skirts the outer edges of the more wiring out-there territories of the Henry Cow universe albeit as though lobotomised and surgically realigned by the folk over at foolproof projects.

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1 Response to krokodil

  1. Rodolfo Nei says:

    Great text, great page. Thanks. Greetings from São Carlos, Brazil.

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