the british space group

I’m fairly certain we’ve ambled across the Quiet World set in previous musings though just in case we haven’t, this is Ian Holloway, a resident of Swansea who operates under the guise of the British Space Group who has just collected a series of released EP’s entitled ‘phantasms’ (I – III) as a collective set called ‘the phantasmagoria’. What we are listening to at present is EP 3, described by their author as ‘radiophonic miniatures’ this set features sixteen ghost light caricatures emerging from the twilight shadows that slipstream from the ethereally beautiful to the haunting and ghostly (the macabre ‘the message’). Utilising noir scratched spy theme codas (as on the pensive and sinister b-movie cut away ‘the visitors arrive’), sci-fi-tronic vintage, Hammer Horror cutting room floor finds and regressive hypno hauntologist recalls, Mr Holloway crafts a sublimely disquieting mosaic that’s aside being shrouded in shadows and piecemeal memories reveals an affection for John Baker of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Opener ‘the last hurrah’ slipstreams into the spectral playgrounds that flicker amid the fabled consciousness of the ghost box and concretism while ‘into the void’ is pure sinister suspense wrapped in skin prickling psychosis. The dream draped glassy orbs that float amid ‘a glimpse of lights in the depths’ recall the tripping collages that occasionally ghosted the Barry Gray score for ‘UFO’ while elsewhere the glowering mesmeric pulse of ‘through the skin of the water’ is icily framed and coldly draped as though a warning call from a fearful apparition from beyond the veil. All said our favourite moment comes in the shape of the playfully surreal magicalia that is ‘through the pellucid forest’ a warping wood crafted nursery rhyme tripped in the kind of kaleidoscopic kookiness that ties together the fractured worlds of the midwich youth club and the assembled minds. Certainly much here to adore itself to those admiring of everything from reverb worship to the villa9 studio not to mention the stray sonic cracks in between.  

Phantasms 3 cover art



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5 Responses to the british space group

  1. Ian says:

    Hello Mark.
    Bandcamp just messaged me with the link to your fab review.
    thank you for your kind words.
    best wishes

  2. Ian says:

    there’s an email on it’s way.
    hope you enjoy.

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