spc eco

absolutely no information on this, mind you that said I’ve probably got an email stashed somewhere in the bulging in box with all manner of happenings, information and news with which to spread that’s still waiting to be stumbled over. SPC ECO are no strangers to these pages, they weave and craft a most magnetically alluring variant of dream pop that cleverly wires to its matrix sonic dialects from other generic disciplines such as trip hop and down tempo and more to create cinematic miniatures of such swooning breathless beauty. And while we thought we’d heard it all they go and drop the ‘All we have is now’ full length and with it, perhaps serve up their most complete and beguiling release to date. Four teaser tracks currently lurk on the sound cloud player, emotion fracturing beauties finitely cut in the kind of ice cooled sophistication that’s as enchanting as they are eerie, with a nod to the early 90’s Bristol scene and emerging from the dark side of Portishead, ‘troubles deep’ is ghosted in shadowy elegance, a spectral visitation torn delicately in noir whispers to unfold softly revealing a hushed intimate bruised beauty. No sooner are you struggling to find your wherewithal and along comes the lost and fading orphan ‘all you need’ all perilously dinked bitter sweetly upon a distressed and tearfully withdrawn dimly lit mosaic of ethereal noir lounge which reference wise sounds not unlike a more vulnerable Musetta. Thankfully more animated yet all the same still trimmed in a chill tipped cold charm, the dark waving ‘Alone’ is your star gazed spectral mysterio. Best of the quartet though by some distant, the angelic ‘all we have is now’ ripples with dream dazed tripping affection, a love noted slice of celestial wooziness softly kissed in the teasingly slow peel of euphoric raptures that hint of Cocteau-ian blissed beguilement. https://soundcloud.com/spc-eco/sets/all-we-have-is-now

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