Bureau B happenings…

A little late to the table with this mainly due to the fact that we’ve erroneously mislaid the CD for now, but this is the latest arrival from Bureau B, from Qluster, the trio’s 6th full length entitled ‘echtzel’ finds them returning to their electronic foundations courting a thoughtfully introspective pose that’s genteel and reflective not to mention sweetly allured in lights lowered sprays ushering forth becalming bouquets of whispering lunar tonalities, the moods both light and cosy toed hark to an era of simplicity uncluttered and mellowed in minimalist murmur tones. https://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/qluster-echtzeit-snippets-out-march-4-2016

Elsewhere on Bureau B, an excellent archival find revealing a duo’s sonic vision so far ahead of the curve at the time of its release that even today it still sounds like a musical page still to be turned. Wolfgang Baumann and Ata Koek entered the famous studios of Conny Plank in the mid 70’s to record the largely forgotten ‘Baumann / Koek’ – their only album, it was slipped out quietly in 1978, self-distributed without fuss or ceremony. Amid its grooves a revealing of pre techno(id) blueprints, its pulsating beats slipstreaming between the prevailing kosmiche dialects of the day and the machine murmured futurism of the isolationist synthetic sounds emanating from out Europe all woven into a brightly effervescent and fizzing cosmic carousel whose wide screen cinematic lushness blended oriental mosaics with surround sound head phonic oceanic hypno-grooves. https://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/baumannkoek-snippets-reissue-out-jan-29-2016

There’s also the small matter of a humungous Cluster box set just out – a nine album treat packed with oodles of grooves and goodies – details here –  https://shop.tapeterecords.com/records/bureaub/cluster-1979-1981-9-album-boxset.html

while for those that missed it, like us, there’s a nifty little 14 track sampler you can download featuring a generous picking of the labels 2015 releases that includes offerings from ESB, Automat, Die Wilde, Lloyd Cole and Camouflage. Can’t say fairer than that. https://soundcloud.com/bureau-1/sets/14-free-downloads-best-of-bureau-b-2015  

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