cloud waste and the calf

Another of those band camp finds I’m afraid, this woozy and wonky soul tinkered, tweaked and trimmed on dust gathered analogue devices no doubt in a secret sonic shed is the handiwork of Pete Hackett here masquerading under the alter ego Cloud Waste and the Calf. Found stepping back through some hitherto unseen time tunnel into the past, ‘the class of 1981’ features six minimally toned miniatures swirling fondly in orbital parade spraying vivid coloured dustings into a would monochrome cold war age. Again something that ought to at first hand, appeal to all those of you much attuned to the sonic geography of the likes of ghost box, concretism, midwich youth club, polytechnic youth and more besides (as exemplified on the wonky motoric ice cream van fracturing sound of the delightfully dinked ‘social studies’), this collection is oozed in found memories and imagined landscapes, ghost lights seeping forth into the present like ghostly impressions, much like some lost and forgotten soundtrack to some children’s hour sci-fi spot or an archaic Open University presentation, ‘the class of 1981’ cleverly plugs playfully into the whole hauntologist dictum, from the moment the opening ‘ident’ rears into earshot you are immediately back to an age of adventure and industry, an era of pre mobiles / computers and commercialist gimmicks, instead incubated by innocence, wonder and hope spirited on by panoramic swathes of star gazing dream drifts and the ghostly opines of future’s to arrive, best moment of which ‘science club’ is traced in the kind of ice dripped Radiophonic cosmic eeriness that once upon a time loitered amid the grooves of youthful Maps and Diagrams works.  

The Class of 1981 cover art

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2 Responses to cloud waste and the calf

  1. Mat says:

    I recently connected with Pete on Facebook, but was totally unaware of this project. It’s really fab! Right up my ally!

    • cheers Mat, i happily tripped over it over it myself, would never have known about it otherwise – trying to free up time to listen to the other releases…..have a good one, mark

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