An album a day. Everyday. 365.

Eyed this on a posting recently, mentioned in passing a little while back, this is the extraordinary and markedly ahead of the curve ‘the flowers of evil’ by Ruth White. Recorded in 1969 this horrorphonic occult hidden gem still sounds as far out, distractively disorientating and weirdly macabre today as it must have sounded all those years ago. The album is available on limited download from the excellent An album a day. Everyday. 365 site which for the last year or so has seemingly been rifling through its record collection and posting up streams and downloads aplenty, a heady broad spectrum mixing rare moog experiences with kitsch, lounge, bubblegum pop, children’s themes, show tunes and big band releases – the latest of which incorporates a quite dandy set from ’62 from Ray Anthony and his Bookends entitled ‘the twist’ – Anthony the last surviving member of the Glenn Miller ensemble was foremost known as a trumpeter and band leader – from the album here’s a tasting of ‘peter gunn’ and ‘tequila with a twist’ given a swing-tastic street cool fruity and funky makeover – eat your heart out John Lurie.

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