jakob rehlinger

Folks among you with longish memories might well recall a time when these pages came adorned with fond words aplenty for Moonwood, some dandy releases and then he went off radar, out of earshot straying ultimately far beyond our affectionate gaze until now that is, whereupon eyes were pricked with a posting by one Jakob Rehlinger, for it is he, who is Moonwood. The posting alluded to a spot of ‘twin peaks’-esque magicalia sonically shaped by the Moonie one entitled ‘there is a man in a smiling bag’ which he describes as a homage to Angelo Badalamenti. Not kidding right for this babe comes pressed up on a glorious sonic fusion whose palette is drawn of a demurred though bitter sweet incline that’s invested in elements of spy theme noir a la John Barry and ghostly spaghetti western visitations hinting of Morricone all sumptuously set in a spectral seduction that’s graced in a mesmeric cinematic haloing. https://soundcloud.com/arachnidiscs-recordings/there-is-a-man-in-a-smiling-bag    

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