pull the plug #270

Briefly back with the Resonance FM hip hugging strut-a-rama groove machine that is ‘pull the plug’ – this I suspect is the show before the last we mentioned last week – gets all confusing around here a fact not made any easier by the shows presenters who really do sound like they’ve been, not so much burning the candle at both ends, but torching the blighter. Anyway show #270 opens in fine style with a spot of Topos Locos who I’m disappointed to say never did send finished copies of that spiffing split with the blue giant zeta puppies from a month or three back, still, good to see that that their cover of the Cryin Shames’ come on back’ is getting a second lease of life courtesy of being included on the latest psych assortment from the Active Listener crew, this babe a fuzzed out slab of cool freakbeat shimmered in tastings of the Chocolate Watchband. Sad to say that the sigmaticle tour green have thus far made a good job of avoiding our ever keen eared radar, the title of this alone ought to give you an idea where this is heading for ‘funk the galaxy’ sounds like a one stop party pack that’s been dropped kicked straight out of the early 70’s – literally oozes wah wah’s whilst cooled with a devilishly old school funk undercut that had us here fondly rummaging around the place for our prized Stex and Panda Gang grooves. Next up another cut from a newest from Quiet Noise from his Audiobulb release – an outing we really must try and root out because this offering ‘need a minute’ is crushed with the kind of lilting lullaby like sepia sleepiness that we do so adore around these here parts, admirers of the minimal treats that occasionally escape the flau and la bel imprints will adore in abundance. Klaus Morlock has been popping up in these pages with such frequency that we are considering asking for rent, this amorphous ghost light entitled ‘arrival’ initialy starts sweetly sprayed in the lush colouring of adoring pastorals before ominously straying off the path to venture spectral shadowlands charmed in lifeless twilights. There ought to be more Wyrdstone featured in these pages I hear you cry and rightly so if the calibre and crystalline execution of ‘meditation on lost gardens’; is anything to judge by, to the choruses of bird song, this genteel wood crafted rustic charms with a lazy eyed lull that’s not unlike the reclining calm brought to bear by both rg Morrison and ab leonard. Lunar grave wrap up matters for this particular transmission with ‘the towers of mir’ – a sky waving soft psych dream coat that on initial listens ought to provide the kind of head shrooming groove for those much admiring of the hookworms et al, all dissipating reverbs and fuzz toned vapour trails – damn tasty by our reckoning. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-17th-march-2016/


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