jon brooks – transversales mix

Another mix cloud transmission I’m afraid, this one the latest to be curated by Jon Brooks of the Advisory Circle, a sublime 48-minute gathering of celestial loveliness amid which you’ll encounter ghosts from the past, present and future in the shape of eleven pristinely picked pretty posies. This lilting bouquet opens to the bruising vapour vision that is ‘erik’s song’ by Slowdive before dreamily dissipating and re-imagining itself anew as Bibio’s ghost like ‘dye the water green’ which if anything should serve as a perfect listening experience to those admiring of Beatify Junkyards not to mention a most surrendering separated at birth mosaic to schizo fun addicts’ ‘dream of the Portugal keeper’. Up next faten Kanaan impresses with ‘planet 898 / circle is drawn’ sweetly unfurling to sound like some hitherto forgotten studio face-off in the late 90’s between broadcast / plone and pram. Talking of the bright lights of Birmingham’s late 90’s intake to the academy of strange pop, there’s a sparse elegance attaching to beaunoise’s version of ‘gymnopedie no.1’ that had us here reaching for our prized Plone platters. I’m almost at a loss to admit that thus far Wax Stag have never troubled our listening space, so while we rustle about redirecting ourselves to some no doubt bountiful bandcamp page here’s the quite delightful ‘the greatest grace’ doing all manner of vintage cosmic carousels much, it has to be said, in the style of those lovable polytechnic youth folk. Those of you adoring the shimmering sounds of bowed chimes and sonic water features will find Karl Fousek’s ‘seventh’ a moment of tranquil heaven while the much adored around here anyway, Sarah Davachi trips in with some slow dripped drone hypno groove courtesy of the porcelain shimmer-toned ‘wood green’ which if anything ought to endear herself to the Transmat community  while best moment of the set and admittedly a bit of an ear opener, trembling blue stars wrap matters with the quite incredible ‘radioactive decay’ – very Flying Saucer Attack meets Sonic Boom.

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