crystal jacqueline

Second FdM serving for May time merriment is a rather spiffing four track set from Crystal Jacqueline. Again pressed up on seven inches of coloured wax and limited in availability, this set features three exquisite covers and one original penning with Icarus Peel accompanying throughout. A truly enigmatic collection ghosted with a divinely ethereal spiriting as is typified with each successive release by Ms Jacqueline, listening to her is akin to leaving reality having ventured upon some magical twilight lair where mysticism and mystery usher forth their strange seduction and where references, should you need them, beckon in the direction of Jefferson Airplane.  What makes Crystal Jacqueline such an engaging listening experience is her ability to stamp her own authority and ownership upon a song, remember her version of the Stones’ ‘play with fire’, it’s a craft so indelibly brought to the fore on her reading of Tim Rose and Bonnie Dobson’s ‘morning dew’ here arrested and reframed anew as a bliss kissed fairyland peppered in the ghostly allure of dream dazed free spirited folk fancies. ‘ivy’ the self-penned of the quartet is curved and caressed as a slyly delirious vintage apparition, a sedate and surrendering Mellow Candle spirited in forest hazes if you must. Pastoral sighs and psych rustics coalesce sweetly upon the airy ‘moonsong: pelog’ re-frame, originally a hit for Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies, admirers of Jackie Lee will find favourable familiarity here. However, all said, best of the four is the parting ‘sally, go round the roses’ – this soul smoker from ’63 by the Jaynetts – produced by Spector if I recall rightly – was blessed with a killer organ accompanying it, left in the very capable hands of CJ and Mr Peel they completely strip it to its bare bones and rebuild it as a hazily glazed murmur-toning arabesque shimmered in shadowy shades of spectral Doors-ian psych soul. Quite perfect.    


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