A much welcome and unexpected sight lazing on our doormat this morning was a package containing new groove from Fruits de Mer, this be their May parade….as ever limited in nature in eye catching variants of coloured wax and starting the festivities with…….the return of July. Yes folks tis true, joining the esteemed FdM roster for a one off soiree, prized from their ‘resurrection’ full length this is an extended mix of ‘can I go back again’ – a hallucinogenic hymnal of sorts amid whose head frying mind expanding grooving a magic carnival is uncorked and left to colour your listening space in a musical tailoring that reaches backwards, forwards and into the great beyond. All at once crooked, wonky and quintessentially birthed and voiced in English psych, this tripping tapestry mutates and morphs to a delightfully quaint delicacy cultured in tastings of Eastern transcendentalism, stoner blues and kaleidoscopic kisses of forgotten far out 60’s mosaics, the ultimate melodic magic carpet ride. Over on the flip an early demo version of the same cut here trimmed as a seriously wasted and fractured trip-a-delic dreamcoat dressed in Terrascopic threads and sounding to these well-tuned ears like some wig flipped freakbeat fryer cooked up by those loon dudes Cranium Pie.   

more info and ordering instructions here….



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