claudio cataldi

Staying with Fruits de Mer a little way longer, the keen eyed among you may recall we had a few teething issues with the latter two tracks featured on the imminent Claudio Cataldi ‘here she comes now’ 7 inch, well I’m happy to say that Keith at the label came through with spare to hide our frustrated blushes. Tagged on the flip side of the aforementioned in comer treats aplenty come in the shape of a brace of tracks hand-picked from Mr Cataldi’s back catalogue the first of which ‘final’ is lassoed to a soft shadow lined psych twilight tethering which strangely sits and stares hypnotically weaving woozy mantras which in truth curiously join the hitherto invisible dots existing between Beatglider and working for a nuclear free city. ‘ropes and strings’ wraps up matters with a spot of rustic willowyness which if my ears don’t deceive possess about its grooves the quietly toned spirit of a certain Lupen Crook about its wares. Anyway it does also give us an excuse to include the sound links to the sterling cover re-appraisal of the Velvets classic, not that we needed it…oh and just in case you missed the main review first time of asking, well no excuses now for its here….

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