Third and final May time outing from the FdM collective comes courtesy of the quite amazing Sendelica. Wowzah might be as good a place as any upon which to start this particular critique, by way of celebrating their 10th anniversary ‘the Cromlech Chronicles’ arrives as a strictly limited coloured wax album housed in a luxurious gatefold sleeve replete with poster (there is fevered talk that a specially commissioned box set version is in the planning) – a mammoth set recorded last year live in the studio, it reveals the band in their full cosmidelic progian finery laying down a gloriously immersive 40 minute plus head tripping sonic odyssey. Occupying a side of its own, the towering 22-minute long ‘the cromlech suite’ embarks to initially plot a sonic trajectory directly in the heart of an early 70’s Floyd hive mind, a colossal headphonic delight cruise controlling upon airless astral glides dimpled, adored and flanked by bliss fused arc lights that ripple and radiate to decorate the blackening lifeless voids in multi-coloured vapour trails of star gazed space rock dissipates whilst all the time shifting upwards and downwards through the gears one minute crafting out serenely bonged out dream drifts, the next upping the ante several notches for some cranium fracturing locked down face melting g-forced cosmic boogie which at various refuelling points embraces the blurring elements of mugstar, the heads, ozric tentacles and hawkwind as it jettisons by. Over on the flip three more would be epics wrestle for affection, included here a superbly hulking and eye opening re-reading of Flower Travellin’ Bands’ ‘Satori Pt 1’ here ghosted in a smoking rain dripped jazz noir grizzled casting which arguably would, had it appeared on other lesser mortal’s albums, been hailed as something of classic fixed point in their career, is somewhat relegated to something of a supporting act to both ‘Vellichor’ and ‘Zenosyne’ – the latter of which seemingly entering the hallowed domain of the Master Musicians of Bukkake takes on the summoning air of an Acid Mothers mystic mirage sent forth across sun scorched desolate plains showering all in woozily toned wah wah’s and shimmering haloes of stoned out eastern trance psych hullucinogenia  which all said veer ever so sublimely into Embryo terrains. That said favoured cut of the set surely has to be ‘Vellichor’, a rare moment of cinematic majestic intimacy that reveals the bands tender side, never quite have I heard them sounding so mellowed, sensitive and seductive not to mention symphonically graceful let alone touched with something of the bruised and romantic here adoring trimmed in the surrendering lush hush of hazy ambient sheens and the sighing crest fall of forlorn riffola.  

more info and ordering details……


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