twin music

Best filed under dream drone, there’s something desirably lulling about this little murmur toning mosaic, its ghostly vapour trails softly smothering the masked ethereal choral gently spiriting away seductively in the mix, perhaps it’s the fracturing ghost-lights at its descent that hint of a ‘pornography’-esque Cure haziness or its crystalline ice frosted yearning opines demurring with sophisticated mellowness that spiral and spray a sedate and languid lull to proceedings that oblige us to go off in search of our prized Sunray stash. More so, is it the strangely beguiled eastern mantras much like a distant call of an oncoming drift wind ridden upon by invaders of the heart after some sonic doodling by Flying Saucer Attack that urges us to hit the repeat button with hypnotic fashioning, we need answers. Anyway this might or might not be twin music or perhaps even Mekanoset, whatever the case its quite temptingly trance-y.

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