The mind plays tricks as you get older, hell I struggle to remember what I was doing fifteen minutes ago let alone events happening 15 years back. Hang on what was I going to say, ah yes – Skywave. Now I swear there was a time when we used to get various CD releases wrapped in handwritten notes from these dream popping dudes, okay post it notes then – oh go on – maybe the hand written bit was on the envelope and that was probably written by a mother of one of the band members. Why we mention all this is because, aside being drop dead cool and of course the small though obvious detail that we here failed to pick up on – that being that a place to bury strangers’ oliver ackerman was once a member (we really must start reading the musical press and keeping abreast of these things), the bands legend is being celebrated on a compilation set entitled ‘killerrockandroll’ being put out by Kanine records on record store day. The album is a gathering of lost singles, forgotten cassette appearances and hand selected album tracks of which ‘adore’ featured here is a glaring omission in our opinion…..a kind of dream dazing lunar lovelock between kitchens of distinction, Ride and ultra vivid scene – prepare to bliss out………

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