Irresistible loveliness from Astronauts, this twinkling murmur tone culled from a forthcoming set due May time entitled ‘end codes’ goes by the name ‘you can turn it off’ which quite frankly poses the question why would you want to, for this shy eyed creature comes pressed upon a maddeningly cute xylophonic coda which tingles, turns and toots impishly to the kooky chirpiness of the Cure’s ‘close to me’ while snoozing delectably to a sweetly drifting west coast countrified waft that’s dimpled in the kind of campfire hymnal hush that used to attract these ears to the youthful releases of the Earlies. Add into the mix a breezy lolloping canter and you have something that sounds not unlike a wide eyed and softly effervescent Beatglider. And did we mention the Earlies little more than a second ago, thought so because there’s again more of their mercurial ice trimmed cosy toeing over on the flip with the same cut finding itself seductively serenaded in sleepy headed motifs by the frost tipped fond wonder of electro duo Grasscut who slow matters to a murmuring pulse and sweetly endow the proceedings with an adoring lullaby lilt that tip toes twinklingly to a fragile unworldly shimmer toning.

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