jodie lowther

Ah ‘Circles and Holes’, the latest from London based sound alchemist Jodie Lowther, this I don’t mind admitting has been hogging the affection stakes these last few days. A ghostly parade of fractured musical carousels spiriting their way through the twilight. Perched between the eerie and the ethereal, here playful apparitions (the gloopy school yard nursery rhyme ‘the wintertime quadrant’) dissolve into sepia gloamings to re-emerge as bowed ghost lights (see ‘el-ahrairah’ – a kind of distant Fever Ray visitation buried in some enchanted fog) and strange shadowy manifestations, for what first appears as fractured radiophonic echoes crookedly surveying Delia Derbyshire landscapes (see the skittish loop frenz of ‘geese copse’ – very much channelling Bearsuit record domains and the haunting disquieting beauty of ‘red skeleton key’) soon assumes a curiously lulling choral conversation with both ‘scanner cult’ and ‘Athena dead flies’ proving quite lilting whilst similarly effecting a mesmeric and celestial persona to the proceedings. Elsewhere the svelte like whisper toned enchantment of ‘lamia’ realises itself as a siren-esque beckoning from beyond the veil whilst the dream dazed mysterio that is ‘bloofer lady’ swans in on a hymnal folk visioning that might have for all the world been ice carved and shaped in elegiac classicism by any number of Icelandic players. And while the effect of ‘circles and holes’ might be at its worst dislocated and piecemeal, making it difficult to get an anchor or fixing on, the point that’s missed is that, that might well be its redeeming charm for it doesn’t out stay its welcome, most of these cuts seemingly appearing as oddball idents are drawn from a bewildering well of reference points – examples being ‘terrapins’ that veers close into Takako Minekawa territories and ‘fruit flies circle’ which for those of you attuned to the strange delights of petunia-liebling macpumpkin may find familiar surreal paths being plodded.

Circles & Holes cover art

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