a giant dog

where to start with this one, a total effervescent head kick to the senses, this be a giant dog with ‘sex and drugs’ – a kind of studio DNA extrapolation experiment fusing selective essences of a glam garbed Sweet with the Modern Lovers sealed and kissed with an invite for Joan Jett to head up the resulting finished product, wildly euphoric, insanely addictive and quite frankly ripped with the kind of rampant appeal that might have you suspecting a juggernaut was thundering down your turntable, the overall effect – fast, loud, scuzzy, skittish – in short an overload to the senses both visually and sonically – are they wired up to the national grid we wonder, repeat doses guarantee swooning and strange adoring rash like symptoms. In truth the blighters are having way too much fun, oh and they’ve an album entitled ‘pile’ heading out of merge records shortly.

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