trippple nippples

okay admittedly it’s not a new track, in truth we aren’t altogether sure whether this lot are still around – answers and information on a postcard are most welcome, not that we collect stamps or anything, but you can’t be a nicely designed postcard. Ahem. okay we eyed this on a Billboard posting – that’ll be the respected music platform and not someone walking around aimlessly with a big board with huge big words on it saying ‘golf shop here’ and a big pointy arrow thing. Anyhow Billboard posting of ’20 all-female bands you need to know about’ – what no Deux Furieses – not that helpful and up to the mark then eh…… anyhow by way of the briefest of glances we noted with some caution and interest Trippple Nippples whose ‘LSD’ might split the camps between those who find it the most annoying thing on the planet – who said the Cuban Boys – and those who consider it the most addictive thing since spots – anyway it is truly demented, deranged and lovably daft – which to put into the perspective of references and sound-a-likes might be best left as saying it sounds like a speed freaked Toni Basil fronting lost Japanese pop peculiars the frank chickens with impromptu interruptions provided for by pop off Tuesday.

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