le moors

we’ve been meaning to mention Wil Bolton for a while now, it’s been such an age since we last had cause to feature him, call it laziness or pressing concerns to do with time constraints, whatever the case or reason we do feel we’ve somewhat dropped the ball in recent years. So no excuse when this album preview appeared on our listings, a collaborative venture with Jeff Stonehouse as Le Moors. Appearing very shortly on the Oklahoma based unknown tone imprint, ‘tendrils’ is a masterclass in stilled elegance, its where poise, mood and atmosphere are all microscopically viewed in close proximity, for these finitely fragile ice carvings are deliberated in the kind of isolationist beauty that mere ambient descriptors appear to serve an injustice for here there’s almost a touching hymnal tranquillity that demurs with silently sombre reverential grace to which admirers of the Montgomery / Heaphy joint venture ‘true’ will find much to adore.  https://soundcloud.com/unknowntonerecords/le-moors-tendrils-album-preview

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