the assistant

a case of part foolishly and part taking our eyes of the ball meant that the cheer in the Sunday Experience record shed was somewhat muted upon discovering that a new 12-inch white wax platter from the ridiculously cool Polytechnic Youth sound house came, went and gone before we scarcely had time to say ‘yep stick me down for one of those’. The mysterious weird ear that is the Assistant – or Oliver Cherer as he’s known to kith n’ kin – should need no introduction around these here parts given we adored in words of fondness his gorgeously playful test card twiddling Kraftwerk-ian by way of Plone lunar lulling ‘ways of seeing’ a little while back. Returning swiftly to the fray following previous acclaim, one for the cooler club floors, the intricately layered ‘gristleizer’ opts for a more ominous footing that employs in its initial moments a dystopian Detroit technoid effect comprised of swarms of critical meltdown siren calls that appear to be piloting into the very heart of the cinematic future worlds of ‘blade runner’, its locked groove hypnosis turned upon a minimalist techno grooving that instantly recalls early catalogue outings for the much missed Boltfish imprint in a label face off with Rednetic recordings. Both playful and chilling, ‘nothing on’ is in truth our favoured cut and finds itself navigating the dark corridors of the Biosphere hive mind its technoid glue dissolving and dissipating into fracture lines of mind expanding flotillas which by its close assume a strangely becoming cosmic progginess that to these ears sounds not unlike a clearly loved up Front 242 being hippy tripped by an impishly blissed out gathering of Ozric Tentacles and Magic Mushroom Band types.

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