francois de roubaix

very brief mention for this one while we go in search of a copy of our own with which to cherish and adore. We’ve mentioned Francois de Roubaix on several occasions previously but here’s a little curio from 1976 getting the revamp reappraisal it deserves courtesy of transmission records. ‘Commissiare Moulin et autres scenes de crimes’ is a gathering of TV / films scores and previously unreleased cuts by the celebrated composer Francois de Roubaix. Coolly chic and dimpled in a sense of mystery, the theme for ‘commissaire moulin’ is inched in suspense and noir trimmed futurism whose electronic dinking chiefly recalls John Baker of the Radiophonic Workshop whilst simultaneously garnering nods to the likes of Mancini, Budd and Barry.  



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