jimmy barka experience

More curiosities tripped across on our latest wander through the back waters of band camp, this one intriguingly describes itself as ‘psych wonky world music from Slovenia’ – a summing up which I’m happy to say it doesn’t disappoint in providing. This is from the rx:tx imprint and a newly hatched set by the Jimmy Barka Experience entitled ‘stolen boat’ – a surreal sonic spy glass and a clever genre bending collage of sound which alas thus far only one track – the title cut – has been made available for preview. Still there’s more than enough here to whet the appetite for this strangely becoming head trip manages to shoehorn everything from psych, prog, middle eastern trance tones, chill wave and plain old kooky trippiness into a colourful shape shifting tapestry which by these ears sounds a lot like some becoming adventure to the psychedelic jungle lands of monsterism island in the company of Lemon Jelly, the Winston Giles Orchestra and the crew over at Wonderful Sounds. http://rxtx.bandcamp.com/album/stolen-boats

Stolen Boats cover art

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