rob clarke and the wooltones

No sooner despatching the frankly uber cool ‘iron eyes cody’, Rob Clarke and the Wooltones swiftly return with the drop dead darkly demurred soft psych shimmering of ‘mind the gap, Henry Beck’. A mind dissolving mosaic that finds them sharing a sonic kinship with the equally adored Hanging Stars whilst culturing and venturing the more surreally head tripped shadow lands of late 60’s garage psych whereupon lie secret places where the sun showered optimistic hazes of the West Coast are gloomed, twisted and over cast in a morphing kaleidoscopic macabre which along its overgrown footings nods to the Autumn Leaves appear and disappear replaced by a doppel-ganging Monkees channelling the spirit of HP Lovecraft. Over on the flip the now trademark instrumental retuning of the lead out cut here reshaped anew as the ‘eastern region’ is deliriously dinked with a fringe flopping trance toned Arabesque accent the snake charms and spirits its way seductively to a stoned out Will Sergeant-esque vibe.  

Mind The Gap, Henry Beck - Single cover art

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