zach zinn

we do quite love this one, alas though we can’t quite recall from whence we stumbled over it, one of those face book update postings I’m gathering. Anyhow it’s by Zach Zinn – again a name I’m not so certain was the one he was christened with, but then that’s not the point, it’s the music that’s of concern. Herewith two newly forged murmuring treats entitled ‘lunar pill’ and solar pill’ the former of which a shyly formed frost tipped yearn traced in minimalist electronics all sweetly hazed in thawing wheezes and aglow in the kind of spectral trimming that once upon a time used to engage the grooves of releases by a youthful Minotaur Shock. As to ‘solar pill’ a looser and affectionately more detuned crafting comes to play, a kind of toy box academy awoken while everyone else sleeps yawning their way a crooked orbital serenade which in truth sounds not unlike something that might have one time or another back dropped one of those creepily surreal Eastern bloc cartoons that used to spook and mesmerise children’s TV in the early 70’s although on this occasion retuned by former Bad Jazz records alumni.

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