klaus morlock

I swear we’ve tripped across this on a related resonance fm podcast / mixcloud mention, this is the quite wonderfully magic land macabre of Klaus Morlock’s ‘the chamber of lost dreams’ from a newly peeled set entitled ‘penumbra’. Another of those fabled finds from an alternative time line I’m afraid and something which pretty much ploughs directly into the weird worlds of those Villa9 folk most notably sonic dark priest Simon Magus. The dream like ‘the chamber of lost dreams’ comes caught in a half way place between reality and what lies behind and beyond, a twilight realm where its beautified peppering of pastoral posies sparkle, sway and colour breezily only to dissipate, disfigure and drift away into the ethereal chill and charm of wispy ghost lights from where deep in the fog bound mists the unclaimed lurk murmuring their twisted incantations. https://klausmorlock.bandcamp.com/track/the-chamber-of-lost-dreams

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