kasper hauser

Somewhere along the line over the course of the last few months we’ve managed to lose touch with the celebrated and finest Scotland based tape / wax label Soft Power records. Happy to say that the lapse in communications has been resolved with news of a spiffing cassette outing for Kasper Hauser, their debut release as it happens, a blistering dark mass of edgy sinew sapping malcontent that freefalls directly into the black voids of what was considered and known as early 80’s positive punk. Teaser track ‘pencil doings’ rumbles and squirms amid a desolately shadow lined landscape fraught in decay and darkness, the sharp as nails clawing riff lunges cast out bleak siren calls shrouded in the ghosts of lost sonic foot soldiers such as And Also the Trees, Artery and Zerra 1, the sounds ooze grimly with pathological glee to a youthful Situation 2 catalogue soured and spiked in Southern Death Cult charms. Somewhere else ‘tannoy’ stirs ominously to a macabre spell weaving vibe that whilst adept at playing to melodic murder in the dark party games with lost Bauhaus riffs is devilishly graced by a dread dead heading doom draping that sits glowering in the shadows perched between a particularly potent UK Decay and the spectral atmospheric gauzing of a ‘Seduction’ era Danse Society’.



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