art of the memory palace

Imminent lathe cut visitation from the esteemed and dearly admired Static Caravan finds Art of the Memory Palace wrapping their mercurial melodic tonalities around the awe struck tear stained words of celebrated author James Robertson. Due to land around the end of May in strictly limited form, Art of the Memory Palace emerge quietly from isolation following acclaim bathed upon last year’s debuting ‘this life is but a passing dream’ to serve up a truly beautiful hymnal suite to accompany Robertson’s touching prose about the age old seeking of answers by man to the great eternal question. Both radiant and head bowed whilst all at once grand, measured and steeled in poise, the duo add gravitas and reverence not to mention a colourfully embracing unworldliness to Robertson’s thought provoking poetic quest, to its enchanted and ethereal bow a softly hushed silken panoramic velour reveals itself tracking and tracing the ascending airless contours of the dream drifting journey within all the time arcing in quiet euphoric celebration at the wonder of it all (those familiar with the Pressburger and Powell film ‘a matter of life and death’ starring David Niven will no doubt marvel at the cheeky nods to the eternal staircase and the ticking clock motion moments from this epic cinematic treat). In short a beguiling nine minute trip beyond the veil.     

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