cary grace / consterdine

Those attending the fruits de mer festivities at their games for may gig will find themselves showered with gifts and goodies aplenty as well being greeted to a live spectacular – a double header with mega dodo records featuring appearances by Sendelica, magic bus, honey pot and soft hearted scientists along with a chance to bag one of these beauties. Pressed up on 8 inches of lathe cut vinyl and strictly limited to just 50 copies, a truly wonderful split gathering of Cary Grace and Consterdine types rephrasing the late Mr Bowie. The release, much like the recent Sendelica ‘ziggy stardust’ 7 inch, where long planned before the sad news of Mr Bowie’s death hit us, the members only CD compilation ‘fashion’ had been on the labels listings as far back as September last year. Guaranteed then to be the obsession of collectors and auction site feeding frenzies alike, this ultra-limited press features three tracks, one apiece culled from the aforementioned ‘fashion’ set and an additional interpretation by Cary Grace who dips into the festivities with two well-heeled re-trims. What makes this duo so attractive is the way they manage to embrace perfectly a succinctly 70’s vintage, the hairy glam swaggering accents of ‘black country rock’ are seductively metered in a cosmically caressed progressive psychedelic colouring that’s etched in a trippy and wiggy top coat while the playful return to ‘sound and vision’ finds itself twinkle toned and trimmed in a starry eyed loose limbed funkiness that to these ears sounds as though it’s been cut whilst on a package trip to some Saturnian seaside hideaway. As to Consterdine’s similarly affectionate tweaking of ‘sound and vision’ – well let’s just say its  delightfully tinkered and tailored into a murmuring lunar lullaby comprised of chuckling glitches, chiming xylophonic corteges and snoozing string serenades which to these ears had us of a mind to go rooting out our old early career ISAN stash – quite a darling if you ask me.

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