duke st workshop vs. rory mcvicar

Staying with the Static folk – fancy something a little special from those Duke St. Workshop dudes – thought so – well how about their re-trimming of Rory McVicar’s recent ‘toothache’ outing (you know the one – the celebrated inside out playing limited lathe release) which aside being originally mentioned here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2015/12/13/rory-mcvicar/ has recently been serviced with its own no expenses spared woozily kaleidoscopic video which you’ll find linked below – in the hands of the Duke brothers though it’s something psychedelian dream drifts are disconnected and instead trip wired up to a spacey and mellowing bliss kissed astral plane travelling head trip populated by kooling kosmiche kurvatures – very trippy and dare we say tasty head phonic grooviness.

Incidentally Mr McVicar will be visiting the Van decks again later in the year with an album ‘Wednesday week’.


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