belbury poly

Incoming on the ever cool Ghost Box imprint, ‘new ways out’ is the latest collection of vintage groove from Belbury Poly, an acutely cute dizzy ramble into old school space race kraut-tronica is hinted by the festooning of snippets currently reclining on his sound cloud page. Key watch words here are Kraftwerk and cosmic lounge, ‘the new harmony’ opens proceedings – a solar sun dazed slice of jet car power pop that impishly nods to the sons of Dusseldorf’s Beach Boys pastiche ‘Autobahn’ before hooking its mainframe to cruise control for a dreamy star kissed rove among the celestial twinkle sets on the back of Sterling Roswell. Ushering some divinely demurring ornate orchestral orbitals, ‘old ways in’ is an imagining alien seaside yarn squirreled in Australasian accents all heavily indebted to a youthful Jean Michel Jarre while ‘the green scene’ digs delicately into forgotten sonic flavourings dusted in 70’s tweaked cosmopolitan library grooving. Then there’s the mellowing lull of the lunar lilted Isan-ian like ‘downstream’ seducing the starry voids whilst playing tick with warm digits and fly which leaves ‘hey now here he comes’ to take a cue or three from midwich youth club to polish up a treat and into the bargain provide for a gloopy slice of pants swinging fat funky kookiness oozed in mirror balling glammed out disco goofiness etched in subtle side servings of snazzy kitsch beat pop.

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