scott william urquhart

those attending the forthcoming Games for May soiree being hosted by Fruits de Mer and Mega Dodo later this month will find yourselves the lucky recipients of a goodie bag within which you’ll find a DVD case containing four CD’s, each CD dedicated to each of the acts appearing at said event, mentions aplenty of which in the coming days. However, sneaked into your party pack you’ll also find a secret CD by Scott William Urquhart entitled ‘rosie’s smile’ EP – a five track serving of exquisitely crafted finger plucking perfection that received a modicum of quiet acclaim when it was released this time last year. Based in Stirling, Urquhart is one of those very rare master craftsmen schooled in the art of delta folk blues, these five finger plucking suites reveal not only a rewarding listening treat that enables the listener to escape to simpler pastures, but an intricate artistry rarely heard done better since the advent of the debuting full length ‘the improvised killing of uncle Faustus and other mythologies’ by David A Jaycock way back in the middle of the noughties. Possessed of a breeze blown intimacy, the rustic detailing within breathes with lush texturing ushering a sense of timeless back to the land pre consumerist carefree simplicity that’s uncluttered and absenting of the mayhem and rush of modern life, instead preferring to recline in a quietly hidden nature spot lazily sprawled beneath the overhang of a tree sky watching tranquilly the clouds trooping by above. In common with the likes of Wil Bolton and Jon Atwood in their more thoughtful moments, Urquhart’s folk alchemy is both free spirited and airy, ‘Galaxies’ in particular nods ever so delicately to both the late and sadly missed foot sonic soldiers Jack Rose and John Fahey while title track ‘Rosie’s smile’ is a hats doffing slice of classicism that salutes Blind Willie McTell.

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